Saturday, March 03, 2012

Hey, MSM. Can't You At Least Give Vic the "All Clear"?

It made all the papers when a week ago Anonymous promised to drop a bombshell on Vic Toews.   The media even covered Thursday's Anonymous video claiming the Day of Reckoning was nigh.

But when Friday rolled around and Anonymous released another video claiming Toews had shady dealings with a female judge in his home province of Manitoba, even got her appointed to the high court, the MSM went suddenly mute.

So, what gives?  A few possibilities come to mind.   As Anonymous stated early on this has been the stuff of rumours for some time.  If so, it's conceivable that our journos looked into this long ago and found it was hogwash.   But, then, why didn't they come out and tell us that and expose Anonymous as a bunch of unreliable gossips?

I suppose it's conceivable this was a revelation to them and sent them scurrying to check it out before letting it slip their lips and risking the wrath of the Harpies.

Or maybe what passes for journalism in Canada today is just too easily cowed to deal with something as potentially volatile as this.

I don't know.   What do you think?   Has anyone heard anything?


Anonymous said...

The CBC merely fact-checks Conservative-provided information, finds out it's a pile of bullshit, and they get yelled at for being terrorist liberal communist pravda ndp separatists. Or something.

Who knows what the We-Hate-The-CBC nutbars would do if the CBC researched and then broke this story themselves.

So we have to hope for one of the few newspapers lacking far-right editorial control to bring it up, because in Canada, who else will?

double nickel said...

You need to understand that the CBC reporters in Manitoba are all 20 somethings who wouldn't know a news story if it hit them in the head.

Beijing York said...

Well CBC Radio in Manitoba has been bypassing journalists for poets and musicians for their news coverage. Pretty f*cking sad.

Anonymous said...

MSM is irrelevant. The internet has replaced them. That's why we get this info from anonymous.

The Mound of Sound said...

The problem I have with this supposed story is that neither I nor anyone I know has the means to verify any of it. And, as their name suggests, the video was posted anonymously. Presumably anyone with a bit of skill could post anything about anyone that way.

I feel really let down by the MSM. They certainly hyped the Anonymous attack over the course of the week prior to release but then did absolutely nothing when the video hit YouTube. Nothing, zilch, nana. Not one of them even explained why they did nothing.

Anonymous said...

I know jack-shite about the rules re: media and the House. Is it possible the media would also be found in Contempt of the House if they reported on the latest 2 tapes? Tom Lukiwiski during Question of Privilege read into the Record reasons why Anonymous should be held in Contempt. He called it a prima facie of privilege, which of course the Speaker will agree with. Remember tho there was no prima facie of privilege on Cotler. Lukiwiski reading into the House -

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, forgot to add Marc Garneau's shooting down Vic's plea.

More importantly is what happens next with C-30. I'll re-post a comment with that video (I hope the commenter doesn't mind)

And while Marc Garneau seems to shoot all of Vic's arguments down, he also raises some new, and disturbing questions about where the battle for Bill C-30 will go.....directly into the hands of the Senate Committee where they are already being influenced by authorities (as well as other members of the Senate!), to accept Bill C-30 - see "How to "Groom" the Senate for Bill C-30.....From the Inside (Feb-21 2012)"


Anonymous said...

DL, if you find the answer to why the media isn't reporting, whether they would be found in Contempt or whatever the case may be, perhaps a new post from you would be helpful. Thanks Toe

P.S. I'm not entirely thrilled Garneau and the Liberals are branding Anonymous as 'criminals' and should be investigated by the RCMP. Let's face it, the Liberals are fine with Bill C-30 as far as I know.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's pathetic that the Libs are turning on Anonymous, just one more reason I'll have nothing to do with them. I think Garneau has the authoritarian instincts that are becoming the norm since Harper took over. Anonymous is, in some respects, an insurgency which is apparently lost on our petro-pols in the government and opposition ranks. These movements struggle in their infancy and many simply dissove and go away. Others, however, garner enough support, a critical mass, that sustains them even against efforts to subdue them. We can only wait and see. Canadians, after all, aren't well versed in this sort of thing.

The Mound of Sound said...
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Anonymous said...

Well one only has to look at the 2 petitions to see the difference between the Libs/NDP. The NDP has asked to sign the Open Media petition (currently over 117,000 sigs) it doesn't demand anything, just states the obvious. OTOH, the Liberal petition asks for 1 amendment and then gives us its Furthermore. The furthermores should be a given in a properly run democracy. I won't sign that one, as it does not demand scrapping the bill from the get-go, which tells us something.

The divide becomes a gaping maw.