Monday, March 26, 2012

Sayonara Time for Christie Clark's Neo-Con Liberals

When trying to make sense of some of BC unelected premier Christie Clark's recent machinations I was left wondering whether she's indifferent to offending voter sensibilities because she knows her government, and party, are heading down the drain in the next election?

Is Christie Clark determined to make hay while the sun shines knowing that dusk is drawing nigh?   If so, she may be embracing reality.

A report in the latest Tyee finds that, were an election called today, the BC New Democrats would not only rise to government but could likely take 75 of the 85 seats in the legislature.   The neo-con Libs could be reduced to just 9 seats.

The Forum Research poll found the NDP at 47% with the BC Libs and BC Conservatives tied at 21% each.   We can only hope the numbers hold and herald an exodus of the far right, provincially and federally, from our province.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see dirty tricks like the robocalls in the next BC provincial election. I don't think Christy gives a damn about BC, she is just using her stint in the premiere's office as a step up to federal politics. I don't like that woman, not one bit.

crf said...

Even the firmly-on-the-right columnists in the Vancouver Sun can't find the heart to defend her. Clearly they realise that public opionion can't possibly be moulded to support her.

I would not be completely surprised to see the paper endorse Adrian Dix. There's two competing interests in that paper: serving the neo-liberal right agenda, which means endorsing centre-right candidates, and keeping on the right-side of the public opinion, which means endorsing a winner.