Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Catholic Priests Castrated Dutch Kids

Is there a week that goes by without another sordid revelation or scandal involving the Roman Catholic church?   And these assholes see fit to lecture the rest of the world about morality.   What a farce.

This time it's the Dutch priesthood.   The newspaper, NRC Handelsblad, reports that, in the 1950s, 11-boys in the care of the Dutch Roman Catholic church were castrated to rid them of homosexuality.

Henk Hethuis, a pupil at a Catholic boarding school, was 18 when he told police in 1956 he was being abused by a Dutch monk. He was castrated on the instructions of Catholic priests, NRC Handelsblad said, and told this would "cure" him of his homosexuality.

The same happened to at least 10 of his schoolmates, the newspaper said.

I suppose this one will send the Pope into his predictable, now standard performance where he throws up his hands and moans about the Vatican having been betrayed, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Meanwhile the Vatican, in another standard effort at damage control, has recommended that every Catholic priest in training in Ireland should be required to attend child protection classes.   So Catholic student priests need classes to learn that they're not supposed to diddle kids?   Really?


thwap said...

And of course, millions of Catholics will continue to shlep to their temples every week and snooze through their required "spiritual guidance and uplift" from this monstrous institution.

Sinead O'Connor was right.

double nickel said...

@thwap...and they will continue to give generously to the collection plate.

The Mound of Sound said...

Is there a country that has escaped the pedo-scourge of Roman Catholicism? Ever since some 12th Century pope got it in his head to impose celibacy on his clergy this rotten institution has been a magnet for pervs. When it comes to covering its ass and dodging accountability, Goldman Sachs doesn't hold a candle to the Vatican.

Anyong said...

Granted the imposed celibacy is part of the Roman Catholic Priest problem however, it is only a small faction of the problem. It is a refuge for sick pervs where they can dingle their dangle while diddling children. There is something radically wrong when a hockey player who was diddled by that hockey coach stands up and says, 1 in 2 girls and 1 in 4 boys is sexually molested in THIS COUNTRY. That something radically wrong has to do with the fact many, many men are ALLOWED to think the way they do. If many, many, women were doing this, men would be demanding they be locked away or more precisely, burned to the stake.

Katie Murphy - ex cath family said...

Stop making excuses for the church that claims to be the absolute truth.

I guess Jesus was also a molester if we believe that one.

BTW the other molesting church is the southern evangelical / baptists, and to an extent the Moromons

Common thread - they all do not allow women to be priests / ministers

its all about humiliation and power. Sex is just the Bludgeon