Friday, March 23, 2012

Mountie Corporal Monty Guilty of Obstruction

RCMP corporal Monty Robinson, has been convicted of obstruction of justice in killing motorcyclist Orion Hutchinson in October, 2008.  Robinson was one of the RCMP officers at Vancouver Airport who killed Robert Dziekanski in 2009.

After hitting Hutchison with his SUV, Robinson gathered up his kids and walked home where he proceeded to drink hard liquor, supposedly to calm his nerves.   Supreme Court Justice Janice Dillion didn't buy that line, finding that Robinson knew damned well that getting some more booze in him would prevent him from being charged with drunk driving and worse.  Robinson was bringing his kids home from a birthday party where he'd consumed five beers.

Obstruction is a pretty mild charge for a guy who killed a motorist in these circumstances but Robinson knew what he was doing. 


Carmichael said...

His promotion should come thru any time now that he's out of court.

The Mound of Sound said...

I hope Madam Justice Dillon maxes Robinson out on the obstruction charge. I suspect she will.

double nickel said...

I'm going with Carmichael on tins one. Call me cynical.