Thursday, March 01, 2012

Vic Toews or Shit On a Stick, What's the Difference?

As long as the turd is painted Conservative blue, apparently there's very little difference.  Or at least that was the message that seemed to come through from reading this assessment of Vic Toews by one of his constituents from the Red River Valley Echo:

"...Vic is in no way responsible for Bills C9 or C30. As he said, he doesn’t really know what is in them.

"Members of Harper’s cabinet don’t make decisions, they merely carry out orders. Vic was obviously chosen for this chore because his seat is safe however much flak is generated by these ineffective and meaningless bills which will really change nothing.
"In Provencher we don’t discuss sordid subjects like politics, we are more interested in the obituaries; and we already knew all about Vic’s peccadilloes and dismissed them. We vote Conservative because it is a time-honoured tradition. Our fathers and grandfathers voted Tory and we will continue to do so until hell freezes over."

Oh dear.  Paint it blue, pop it on a stick, and watch everyone salute.


Carmichael said...

You know the phrase "yellow dog Democrat" ?

These guys are shit-on-a-stick Conservatives.

Oemissions said...

yep! yep!
I grew up in the midst of it.

Beijing York said...

So it's a "time honoured tradition" to vote Conservative no matter what? Sheesh, no wonder so many people feel contempt for the farmers complaining about the dismantling of the CWB. They wen with their shitty "time honoured tradition" and got screwed.

thwap said...

So they vote like brain-dead automatons?

That's good to know.

Democracy is wasted on such people. (Not that I'd take their votes away, but really! They don't give a shit about who they vote for? Why do they vote for the "Conservatives" at all? What is it about the "Conservatives"?Their fag-hating? Their war crimes? Their contempt for Parliament? Their economic incompetence?)