Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Judge Giving Flynn a Rough Ride at Sentencing Hearing. Flynn Counsel Gets Adjournment.

The judge presiding over the sentencing of former Trump national security advisor, Mike Flynn,  wasted no time revealing his contempt for the retired three-star general.

A federal judge blasted former national security adviser Michael Flynn during his sentencing hearing on Tuesday, saying he couldn't hide his "disgust" with the retired Army lieutenant general. 
"Arguably, you sold your country out" by working as an unregistered foreign agent, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan told Flynn in court Tuesday.

In answer to a question from the judge, prosecutors said they did not consider charging Flynn with treason. The sentencing hearing is ongoing as of noon on Tuesday.
...Sullivan highlighted the sentencing memo from Flynn's attorneys, which suggested that FBI agents may have acted improperly in their interview of Flynn and entrapped him into lying. But in court, Flynn said he would not challenge his guilty plea nor the circumstances under which he was interviewed. 
“I was aware” that lying to the FBI was a crime, Flynn told Sullivan, adding that he accepts responsibility for his false statements. 
"This is a very serious offense," Sullivan said. "A high ranking senior official of the government making false statements to the federal bureau of investigation while in the White House."

Sensing their client was unlikely to get a slap on the wrist, Flynn's counsel sought an adjournment so that, as the judge suggested, Flynn could dish up even more "cooperation" to the Mueller investigation.

As Flynn and his counsel prepared to exit the courtroom, Judge Sullivan wished them "happy holidays."


the salamander said...

.. the bizzaro appraisal by Trump of this wicked judicial slapdown will be beyond comical.. it will veer into absurdist raving. Followed of course by convoluted mystery meat from ms Huckabee Sanders that The President & First Lady are vindicated in full.. Flynn is a rodent, Robert Mueller an agent of Dark Forces peddling nonsense to a gullible corrupt judge.. and say hey! 'Feel the Market' - all this from the 4th tee at Marred da Lego.. where presumably, Trump will enjoy hiding out for 15 or 16 days

the salamander said...
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the salamander said...
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rumleyfips said...

Council for Flynn got both an adjournment and an adjustment.

Jay Farquharson said...


The Judge made it very clear that he didn’t agree with the plea deal, made Flynn backtrack on his Sentenceing Statement, accused him of treason, and gave him the opportunity to have 3 months to prove through greater cooperation with the 17 court cases, to re-earn that leniency and avoid jail.

That’s not a win, not when he was walking in with lieniency in the first place.

And Flynn went QAnon crazy years ago, so a long jail sentence is inevitably in his future, along side his son.