Friday, July 01, 2011

Climate Change Denialist Outed - (along with Exxon)

Willie Soon is a darling of the climate change denialist community.  He's a very rare commodity indeed - a genuine scientist with peer-reviewed studies who stoutly disputes the entire theory of anthropogenic global warming.

A rare commodity indeed.  Rare enough in fact that, over the past decade, Willie pocketed a million bucks in grants from ExxonMobil, the U.S. Petroleum Institute and - wait for it - the Koch brothers.  According to Greenpeace, since 2002, every grant Willie has taken has come from oil and gas companies.

Willie says money, even if that means every dime he's received in the past decade, has nothing to do with his research.   That it all came from the usual suspects is sheer coincidence.  Why Willie says he would have even accepted contributions from Greenpeace if they wanted to fund his climate change denialism.  Yeah sure.

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