Monday, July 11, 2011

Republicans on African-Americans - Better Off In Chains. Bet Harper Wished He'd Thought of That

Is there anything, anything at all too low for a Republican?  It sure doesn't sound like it.

The latest Christofascist Republican gambit requires presidential nomination candidates, like brainstorm Michelle Bachmann, to accept a pledge that includes, among other things, a statement that African-American children were more apt to grow up in stable families during the slavery era than under the Obama administration.

These fundamentalist fuckers are pure evil, they truly are.  It doesn't make a damned bit of difference whether they're Jewish, Muslim or Christian.   Fundamentalism is evil, the ultimate perverter of peaceful religion.  Its radicalism and unrestrained fury is a disease that rots civil society.   Fundamentalism is very much a political movement these days and it carries on its vile business under the guise of Republican or Conservative through which it seeks to evolve a virtual theocracy.   Just because our rightwing parties are predominantly Christian doesn't mean they don't have their own authoritarian Mullahs and quest for their own fundamentalist Caliphate.

Progressives need to wake up and realize that our adversary isn't the Conservative party as we knew it in decades past.   It is the fundamentalist Conservative movement at large today.   Marci McDonald has explored this in The Armageddon Factor.   Chris Hedges has chronicled it well in American Fascists.  Even Republican Kevin Phillips has digested it for us in American Theocracy.

The Americans are raising the bar for fundamentalist rightwing politics.   To steal a phrase from Joe Bageant, even the most intellectually squalid of their ranks, people like Michelle Bachmann can become a viable contender for the fundamentalist Republican presidential nomination.

These people are more than an annoyance, they're a danger.  As Andrew Bacevich has outlined in great detail in books such as The New American Militarism, the Christian fundamentalist dropped their drawers and hopped straight into bed the military establishment, the neo-conservative movement, and corporatism in all its guises including the corporate media.   They've formed a union.   It's not a marriage as such - nothing above board, no ceremony, nothing documented.  It's more like a swarm of fuck buddies who bend over on command so long as someone gets them off too.   It's not morally ambiguous, it's morally antithetical and that's just the way they like it.  AlterNet's Frank Schaeffer explains how vermin like Rupert Murdoch has become one of the biggest religious publisher.

Rupert Murdoch is one of America’s number one publishers of evangelical and other religious books, including the 33-million seller Purpose Driven Life by mega pastor and anti-gay activist Rick Warren. Murdoch is also publisher of "progressive" Rob Bell’s Love Wins.

Rick Warren, Rob Bell and company helped Murdoch fund his tabloid-topless-women-on-page-3 empire, phone hacking of murdered teens and Fox News' spreading "birther" and "death panel" lies about the president. They helped Murdoch by enriching him.  And these weren’t unknown authors just lucky to get published anywhere, they could have picked anybody to sell their books.

Do the religious authors making their fortunes off Murdoch wear gloves when they cash their royalty checks? Do they ever dare look in the mirror?

In a better world we would have leaders, people with courage and vision, who would stand up to these extremists bullies and denounce them and their ways.   We would have leaders who would fight with every ounce of their energy to defend the separation of church and state, to repel this creeping theocracy.  But, as yet anyway, the Liberal and NDP ranks don't have leadership of that calibre, nothing even close to it.   And so Harper can rear up on his hind legs at a rodeo and pronounce the Liberals dead and progressivism finished.   And he knows he can do it because he has the instincts of a professional bully and those instincts tell him there is no one to fear on his left.   There'll be no getting rid of Harper and his ilk without a fight and we had better start acting that way.

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