Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Murdoch Squirms

Rupert Murdoch is in the hot seat as he is questioned by British MPs.  To keep up with it you should simply go to The Guardian for live coverage.

First impression is that Murdoch is squirming.   His spinmeisters have prepped him carefully and he seems to be trying to give responses that are oblique at best.   Rupe knows full well that this is a high stakes chat and that, today, he has no friends left.

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Yappa said...

I dunno... everything is stacked against him but he has a hot shot PR firm helping him and he did himself a lot of good today. Whether he can continue to dodge the bullets I can't say, but their line (by "they" I mean the two Murdochs and Brooks) is that they had no idea this was going on, and surprisingly, the press seems to be at least partially buying it at the moment.

I thought the press would be raising all the evidence that proves they knew exactly what was going on: like the million pounds they paid in out of court settlements on phone hacking charges, which surely senior management had to approve.

Good article in the NYT about the widespread corruption in Murdoch companies: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/18/business/media/for-news-corporation-troubles-that-money-cant-dispel.html?ref=global-home&pagewanted=print