Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Prisoner of Conscience - Banged Up for 2 Years By a Corrupt State

Environmental activist Tim DeChristopher has been sentenced to two years in prison. His crime? He attended a government auction where he bid on oil and gas leases to derail what was a manifestly illegal sale.

Before the judge put DeChristopher away the young man made what is unquestionably the greatest, most inspirational submission I have ever heard from a condemned defendant. Tim DeChristopher may have become the ultimate champion of civil disobedience. Do yourself a huge favour and read his remarks in which he puts his country's venal government and judicial system in the prisoners' dock.

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Anonymous said...

He didn’t specify the extra number of months that I should spend in prison for the heinous activity of holding a book group at the Unitarian Church and quoting Thomas Jefferson in public, but he says you should have “little tolerance for this behavior.”

That entire article is pretty stunning. He helped to shine a light on some dirty laundry, and now forces have acted to severely punish him for causing them embarrassment.

The part about the industry lobbyist knowing of his indictment a whole two weeks before he/his lawyer did is pretty spooky too.