Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Really Is the Pot Calling the Kettle BlackP

America's UN ambassador, Susan Rice, must have a bottomless well of gall, given the way she chastised other Security Council members cold to the idea of declaring climate change a security matter meriting the council's attention.

US ambassador Susan Rice said Washington strongly believed the council "has an essential responsibility to address the clear-cut peace and security implications of a changing climate," and should "start now."

Speaking while negotiations on the statement were still deadlocked, Rice charged that the message of the council's silence to countries threatened by climate-induced disasters would be "in effect, 'Tough luck' ".

"This is more than disappointing. It's pathetic. It's shortsighted, and frankly it's a dereliction of duty."

Psst, Sue.   You represent the United States of America, yeah - that America, the same America that has the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions on the planet, the same America that has a "bought and paid for" corporatist Congress intent on sabotaging any measures to cut those emissions - those characters who declare climate change a "hoax."   It's your country that, above all, is disappointing, pathetic, shortsighted and in dereliction of its duty to mankind.


Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me. Deny climate change at home to serve the corporate interests. Push it at the UNSC to promote the US military agenda. Climate change affects the entire planet -> gives them more justification for anything they want to do

crf said...

The US is not the highest per capita, though it is high. wikipedia: ghg per capita by country.


The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for that Chris. I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for that Chris. I stand corrected." You have been corrected before. Why don't you remember that?