Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ditch All Your Illusions About Privacy, All of Them, The Lot.

Imagine yourself among the thousands and thousands of people gathered for the final game of the Canucks/Bruins Stanley Cup.  It's easy to assume you're virtually invisible in the sea of faces.  It's not.   Click on this link and begin zeroing in on the crowd.  Be sure to click the "turn on GigaTag" link on the screen, click on the crowd with your mouse and use your mouse wheel to zoom in.

To get some idea of what this can mean to ordinary people in a residential setting, click on this link - Zoom in on any of the highrise apartment buildings, right into the apartments themselves.

Now, imagine the gigapixel technology suitably advanced and automated then slaved to modern face recognition software.

Welcome to the latest advance in our Surveillance Society.

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