Monday, July 11, 2011

Can Labour Topple Cameron's Conservatives Over News Corp?

Could Rupert Murdoch bring down the coalition Conservative government of David Cameron?  Or, put another way, would David Cameron be willing to save his own skin by flaying Rupert Murdoch's?

Cameron's government depends on the support of Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats.   Word is out that these LibDem MPs want Murdoch's head and would support Labour against the Conservatives if that's what it took to get it.

Labour leader Ed Miliband would like nothing better.   Miliband was recently threatened by News Corp executives who said there could be 'repercussions' if he didn't stop calling for NOTW editor and Murdoch protege Rebekah Brooks to quit.

A guy like Rupert Murdoch makes a lot of enemies but always buys enough friends.   To him it never occurs that the day might come when he can no longer bully or buy his way out of troubles that finally overtake him.   For Murdoch, that day may have arrived.

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