Thursday, July 28, 2011

America's Fundamentalist Taliban

The dark face of America's religions fanaticism is finally coming into the light of day.   To get a look at America's own Taliban, check out this article from al Jazeera.   Also check here and here.

Until recently a fringe evangelical movement, warned against as deviant, "spiritual warfare" is rapidly positioning itself within America's mainstream political right. It's well past time for political journalists to start covering what this movement is up to.

As an example, leaders have bragged online about the destruction of Native American religious artifacts, which their twisted ideology somehow sees as a liberating act, promoting "reconciliation" between estranged groups of people. Critics, however, see it as reflecting an eliminationist mindset, while traditional conservative evangelicals have denounced the ideology as un-biblical. Some even claim it is actually a form of pagan practice dressed up in Christian clothes, according such artifacts a spiritual power that the Bible itself denies.

The ultimate goal is to replace secular democracy, both in America and around the world, with a Christian theocracy, an ideology known as "dominionism". The supposed purpose is to "purify" the world for Christ's return - again, strikingly similar to what the Taliban believe, but also significantly at odds with more common, long-standing Christian beliefs about the "end times", as well as the nature and purpose of prayer, and the roles of human and divine power.

It reminds me of this warning from Chris Hedges in his eye-opening book, "American Fascists":

The moral certitude of the state in wartime is a kind of fundamentalism. And this dangerous messianic brand of religion, one where self-doubt is minimal, has come increasingly to color the modern world of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Dr. James Luther Adams, my ethics professor at Harvard Divinity School, used to tell us that we would end our careers fighting an ascendant fundamentalist movement, or, as he liked to say, "the Christian fascists."


BunBun4life said...

Wow, do you really believe that shit? You actually are going to refer to ANYTHING as 'America's Fundamentalist Taliban'?

Do you even know a single fucking thing about the Taliban, what they have done, how many people they have killed (and I mean in their own country) or how their mujahadeen was able to fight through and make it almost to the capital of Pakistan?

For god's sake man, Al Jazeera is insanely propagandic, pro-sunni wahabbi and anti 'everybody else' in the world. Particularly antiwest, antichristian, antishiite. But then again I checked the links you posted and everything I saw was eye burn propaganda of the most disgusting nature. Hate rhetoric, lies, and championing terrible things because you think that's what 'THEY' are against.

You live in fucking Canada, why are you obsessed with the United States?

Anyway, it's been 2 years since you wrote this absolutely ludicrous bullshit - did the 'american taliban' take anything over yet? Because since that time the ACTUAL Taliban has beheaded 10 yr olds for being 'spies' cut off the ink stained fingers of people who voted in the Afghan election (and their noses & ears, 'executed' several women for adultery or prostitution, permanently maimed and disfigured several girls/women with acid for the crimes of 'walking without male escorts', 'going to school' and 'teaching girls at school' - killed a woman who opened a women's health clinic & also intimidate women from using the clinic, shot a teenage girl in the head (called her a spy because her diary talked about how disgusting they are) you heard about that-they took her to the UK & she survived, took an 11 yr old girl from her widowed mother-gang raped her-then sold her for $2000 & a guard dog, snatched a widowed mother of 3 who dared to be outside without a male family member (she doesn't have one-the taliban killed her husband) and held for for 3 days while up to 50 men gang raped her - upon being released and making her way home she found her 3 children had frozen to death while she was gone (it gets very cold in areas of Afghanistan), a man who had raped his neighbors 10 yr old daughter 'settled the issue' by offering his 7 year old daughter for 'use' by the neighbors family for 2 years - she was treated so insanely bad even the Afghanis couldn't stand it & stormed the home freeing the girl - she was starved, hair pulled out, bones broken, burned, left outside naked for hours at a time, etc. etc.

I would just REALLY wish that STUPID, STUPID people like you who actually have zero knowledge about how bad the things you rally for really are would learn to fucking read something other than liberal shit propaganda.

Because I don't read right wing propaganda, I occasionally read filth like this to understand what it is people think is really true - I get my information almost wholly from international media sources directly from the countries of origin - sometimes released in English or Swedish, sometimes I have to use a translation program - but the information is out there.

I am here to tell you, you are so far gone with lies it hurts my brain.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry Bunhead , but you have a highly selective cognition. Christian fundamentalism is as odious as Muslim fundamentalism. Yes the Taliban have beheaded kids. Your country does it with thousand pound bombs only it kills innocents by the scores of thousands.

How many thousands of Iraqis died needlessly because of your utterly bogus war of aggression? How many Americans were held to account for that? How many Iraqi civilians were butchered in the Haditha massacre? How many Marines were punished? Just one and he cut a deal where he got no jail time.

You don't have to take second place to anyone else in raw butchery. You've turned it into a high-tech art form. Your country did it, repeatedly and without hesitation. You need to wear that. You never do, none of you.

Al Jazeera is propaganda? This coming from someone whose country gave the world FOX News? You're endless shits & giggles, bunhead.

Now, bugger off.