Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If You're Still Having Trouble Accepting American Fascism is Real

Modern fascism is defined as a unity of political and corporate power.  Mussolini picked this up from the self-proclaimed philosopher of fascism, Giovanni Gentile.

A similar reality has taken hold today in the United States where corporatism is steadily displacing democracy.   A chilling example of this is ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.  ALEC is a vehicle whereby corporations draft proposed legislation and 'exchange' it with compliant legislators.  The membership of ALEC is open solely to corporations and legislators.

Topics on which ALEC has 'exchanged' its legislative wishes include worker and consumer rights; tort reform; privatizing schools and higher education; health, Big Pharma, and social welfare; environment, energy and agriculture; taxes; guns, prisons, crime and immigration.

Until recently ALEC operated behind closed doors and to the exclusion of the public.   Now it's been outed, giving rise to a web site, and a Stop ALEC movement.

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