Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making Sense of America's Budget Crisis - As Progressive Americans See It

Here are some dandy links for those following the battle between Obama and congressional Republicans over America's budget deficit.

James Kenneth Galbraith explains what he maintains is America's "imaginary" fiscal crisis.

Paul Rosenberg traces America's current woes to the Republicans refusal to abandon Reagan mythology.

Dennis Kucinich warns that today's debt political theatre is diverting attention from the theft of Americans' wealth.

Joe Stiglitz argues the belief in free and unfettered markets brought the world to the brink of ruin.

Robert Reich discloses Mitch McConell's devious plan to make Obama pay for Republican perfidy.

Matt Taibbi wades into modern America's massive class divide by which the rich don't know the poor exist and the poor have no idea what real rich people are like.

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susansmith said...

great read!

A Eliz. said...

Vwery interesing..I did hear Obama say something that the rich should not have their tax cut they got as it is hurting a great deal of people. Bush cut the tax on the very rich, and the Republicans don't want that taken away!

Anonymous said...

These obscenely greedy people actually could turn the economic crices around if they were so inclined.