Saturday, September 26, 2009

America's New Political Class - the Idiocracy

When I watch news clips of the Birthers or the Teabaggers or the typical Limbots or Beckerheads I'm left with this feeling I've witnessed something rarely seen outside of really awful places like North Korea. I realize these nutjobs make up just a minority, although a sizeable minority, of the American people but how many does it take before one of them does something truly horrifying.

It's not like America simply emptied its asylums. If these people were merely running aimlessly through the fields and forests like feral cats it wouldn't be so bad. It's just that they haven't been released, they've been harnessed, mobilized. Perhaps the genius of the Hannitys and Limbaughs and Becks has been to realize that there are enough gullible, unquestioning dimwits to be had and infuriated and scared silly, on the cheap to boot, that they don't have to compete for the hearts and minds of thinking Americans. There's always enough booze left in the empties that if you don't mind tipping back enough of them you can still get hammered.

As America's middle class was slowly choked to death, a new group rose to take its place, to claim its influence - the American Idiocracy. These are people who, for most of their lives, have been economically and politically shackled to their own stupidity, insecurity and superstitions who suddenly find themselves courted by the unscrupulous hucksters who have come to recognize their coarse utility. To these connivers, also known as Republicans, the Idiocracy was the low-hanging fruit, the malignancy of "one man, one vote."

What must they think of their followers, their faithful, as they spoonfeed them the most outrageous lies and watch them swallow them whole until they bloat with hatred and fury. They must hold their constituents in horrible contempt.

Fortunately the Idiocracy's influence may be peaking. They're not powerful enough to form their own party and they're simply too odious to be tolerated for too long amid mainstream parties. Like their religious extremist counterparts, the Idiocracy has served its purpose as far as the conservative Republican movement is concerned and is becoming much more of a liability than an asset for the future. FOX News and open mouth radio will be their mainstay for these media are addicted to the Idiocracy. Morons are their bread and butter and they haven't got religion to fall back on. But, fortunately, the Idiocracy has a limited shelf-life on the national stage, unless this is true:

Idiocracy - Opening Sequence - Amazing videos are here


CK said...

There is a survey on Facebook asking whether we think Glenn Beck should be fired from Faux News. A majority say no thus far. Sad state of affairs isn't it?

You should also check out the The Young Turks videos on You Tube. Quite entertaining as they poke fun of & discredit the American Right & the likes of Birthers & tea-baggers

The Mound of Sound said...

It is indeed sad. The "Know Nothing" movement is revived and flourishing within the ranks of the far right.

I do enjoy the Young Turks. Always good stuff.