Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poor Jack, On His Knees and Steve Won't Even Give Him the Sweat Off His...

I may be no fan of the IgLibs but Layton & Company's endless sanctimonious castigation of the Libs for propping up SHarper was a bit grating. That's why it was pretty rich to see Moustache Jack bend over and beg Steve to have his way with him if only he will forestall an election the NDP so obviously fears so very much.

I'm sure you Dippers must be cringing at the sight and after all the 'holier than thou' ridicule you've thrown out for so long it looks so awesome on you. The image of a supplicant Jack volunteering to take one for the team pretty much says it all. He didn't pass up an opportunity to berate the Libs for not standing up to Harper until they did and then he immediately offered up himself and his party to be Harper's parliamentary bitch.

It all sounds so scripted. That's the way it sounded to McLean's magazine too which described the plotline thusly:

...this is the part where Jack Layton notices his poll numbers tanking so he climbs into bed with Stephen Harper, a man that for years he has routinely pilloried, condemned and otherwise not liked very much. Striving to create an aura of principled crisis, Jack hogs the political limelight under the pretense of advancing public policy and societal justice, though pretty much everyone attributes his abrupt aboutface to saving his own political bacon. Jack also talks about kitchen tables. Ultimately, Jack votes with a government to which, barely 24 hours earlier, he was philosophically, intellectually, ideologically, morally and possibly even sartorially opposed. He continues to support the government until he is able to crudely manufacture a moment of betrayal that allows him to theatrically withdraw his backing, preferably while surrounded by autoworkers/the unemployed/kitchen tables.

Bye, bye Dippers. You had a good run while it lasted.

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