Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama Kills Plan to Stage Missiles on Russia's Doorstep

And it's about bloody time, too. Barack Obama has rescinded the Bush administration's mad plan to position anti-missile batteries in Poland and the Czech Republic ostensibly to defend against rogue missile launches from Iran.

Everyone, and I mean every one, knew that gambit had nothing to do with Iran. Instead it was an integral part of Bush's plan to march NATO right to Russia's borders with a view to shoehorning Moscow out of Central Asia altogether. The prize is the Caspian Basin or, more directly, the massive fossil fuel reserves found there.

What Bush/Cheney never admitted was that Iran has no missiles that could get anywhere near Poland or the Czech Republic. It might have made sense to locate the American batteries closer to Iran, say perhaps in Turkey.

So now Obama has the Poles and the Czechs steamed. They were going to be handsomely rewarded for allowing the anti-missile batteries on their territory and, like the rest of the world, they knew the American weaponry was meant for Russia, not Iran.


Anonymous said...

So now Russia ought to be saying, "thank you Mr. Obama."

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm not sure Russia owes Obama a debt of gratitude. It was a smart move to eliminate a blatant provocation on Moscow's doorstep. How would the US react if Russia placed anti-missile batteries on its borders? The answer is obvious.

In foreign policy - whether Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Israel, Europe, even China - the Bush regime was disastrous. Everything it touched turned to absolute crap. It was as though they were trying to screw up but, in fact, it was the inevitable result of really believing the myths of American invincibility.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean that Russia ought to say thank you....tongue in cheek. There should have been a question mark behind the statement. What you have written is correct. I do not disagree. A. Morris

Anonymous said...

So, now it's the IDF turn to sweep the Carter's garbage which is rotting 30 years now.