Friday, September 11, 2009

Fight Global Warming - Use Condoms

An enlightening study out of the London School of Economics. Condoms are a much better investment than biofuel. The study shows that a $7 expenditure on basic family planning can save over a tonne of carbon emissions compared to a market cost of $32 to remove that tonne of emissions. Funded by a London based environmental group, the Optimum Population Trust, the study highlights the global warming impacts of overpopulation.

The bottom line? "From the cost-benefit analysis, it has been found that family planning (considered purely as a method of reducing future CO2 emissions) is more cost-effective than most low-carbon technologies."

While the report focuses mainly on carbon emissions, the same investment in contraception will have similar benefits in other areas including desertification, deforestation, species extinction not to mention air, sea and soil pollution.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go....I've been thinking this for years. A. Morris