Monday, June 14, 2010

Canadian Commander - The Taliban Will Simply Evaporate

I think Canada should introduce a new military medal for generals spinning really tall tales.

In upholding the Rick Hillier tradition, we've been treated to about six years of endless and truly rank bullshit from these characters. Now the current Top Dude, Brigadier John Vance assures us that, if NATO's counterinsurgency drive succeeds this summer, the Taliban will eventually wither away into irrelevancy.

Vance told reporters, ""It is absolutely not an effort that will have a cataclysmic effect on the insurgency. ...The insurgency will succumb to this over time. Insurgencies are rarely broken. They dissolve."

I guess the general is right on one point, insurgencies do eventually dissolve, but what he overlooks is that often happens after they succeed. This spinmeister seems to think insurgency isn't the national sport of nations beset by the double whammy of warlordism and tribalism.

The Conservative Television Network credits the general for having taken a more nunaced view of the Taliban from the past vision of "breaking the back" of the insurgency.

Christ, with commanders like Canada's general Vance, is it any wonder that Karzai has given up on Western forces? He doesn't see the Taliban magically dissolving but, then again, he'll be left holding the bag once we're safely gone from that hellhole.

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