Sunday, June 20, 2010

Iggy Meltdown - Isn't It Time He Finally Left?

"The" Scott Ross can be controversial at times. Lord knows I don't always agree with him. But his account of Michael Ignatieff's attempt to cow Liberal dissent in Vancouver needs to be heard. It's time to send this charlatan packing. There's nothing for the Liberal Party of Canada to be had in following Michael Ignatieff into this ditch.

Who does this joker think he is?


Brian G. Rice said...

Calling Mr. Ignatieff's speach a meltdown simply shows that you were not there. It also proves his point. said...

I wish someone recorded it and posted it online. Though it may not have been a literal meltdown, the juxtaposition of the statement within Ignatieff's speech and the unyielding emphasis Iggy gave to the words "shut up" made everyone I talked to wonder about its appropriateness.

Everyone would agree at least the tone was unnecessary and disrespectful.

Fillibluster said...

He should stick to pedantry and leave that kind of remark to Nancy Ruth.

And yes, the Libs need a new leader.