Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Harper's Canada Now Israel's "Best Friend"

Canada is getting recognized on the world stage again. This time, according to this item from Al Jazeera, we're Israel's new "best friend."

Well, so long as we've got an uber-rightwing, fundamentalist gang running the place, what else could we expect?


MF said...

Quoting Al Jazeera isn't going to win you any converts.

LeDaro said...

MF, why? Would you care to explain?
That is the only Middle Eastern network which is relatively objective. Most all of its English reporters are British or American.
May be you depend on Fox for your news.
As a matter of Dutch and BBC is harsher on Israel.

LeDaro said...

Let me tell you that Jon Elmer is a Canadian freelance writer and photojournalist. He is not even Arab. What does that tell you?

sassy said...

I noticed that article yesterday and it's not the first time it has been said (sorry, I'm too lazy to find links).

The Mound of Sound said...

MF, I'm not interested in "converts" but accurate information. I think the gist of this article is accurate.

ck said...

Al jazeera is just fine by me. It has more credibility than much of today's Canadian corporate media outlets.

Not that long from now, Obama will also be Israel's BFF; kissed and made up...

Why they suggested that Israel conduct its' own investigation!!

Read it and weep; yes; from another reliable source:


To paraphrase George, a commenter over at Pogge's: That's like having the MPs audit their own expenses!

That's the power of lobbying...here and state side.