Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is Duplicity the Central/South Asian Disease?

We know that Pakistan plays both sides, the Americans and the Talibs.   We know that Hamid Karzai isn't burning any bridges to the Taliban either.  Now the Afghans are questioning America's seemingly contradictory policy of ignoring Pakistan's aid to the Islamist extremists.  Pakistan meanwhile questions how its self-proclaimed "ally in the war on terror" cuts nuclear deals with its mortal rival, India.

Wheels spinning within wheels.   There are no good guys just constantly shifting perceptions of who, at any given time, is the lesser of evils.   This is not a place for Western, linear thinking.

And then it comes down to Afghanistan itself where treachery is a political art form.   I just don't think Westerners have the mental dexterity for this sort of thing.

Can we bring our soldiers home now please?

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