Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Terrible Tempered Commissioner

Reports are beginning to emerge that RCMP Commissioner Bill Elliott, a.k.a. "Bubbles," has been known for years for his foul and volatile temper.

A number of comments left on the CBC web site suggested someone look into Elliott's behavioural quirks going back long before he was appointed by Harper to head the RCMP.   If the man isn't stable enough to deal with his immediate, senior staff without resorting to abusive shouting tirades, is he really suited to lead an already troubled national police force?   Could he wind up doing more harm than good?

The Toronto Star claims that Harper is reluctant to sack Elliott, perhaps because his own temper is just as foul and volatile.    Harper is well known for kicking furniture and loudly berating staff so it's entirely predictable that one cheap bully wouldn't fire another.   It just wouldn't be kind - bully to bully.   Yet the paper claims Elliott's future with the force may not be salvageable:

 One senior insider acknowledged “Bill hasn’t helped himself in this.”

Elliott’s appointment as the first civilian commissioner was a shock to many within the RCMP, and his main task should have been to “build trust and relationships,” which Elliott failed to do, the insider said.

Elliott, said another source in the security community, was “indeed known for his arrogance and abusive managerial style and the interesting part is that it was widely known within the public service for years.”

The guy has already had one rather expensive round of anger management therapy but it plainly hasn't worked.   Worse yet, one might think that for so many senior RCMP officers to take their complaints public, they may have already lost all confidence in the partisan outsider parachuted into their midst by Harper.



Anonymous said...

Bollocks! This is just the RCMP not wanting to air their dirty laundry, while doing exactly that to get their own way. They are as secretive as ever and don't like the style of this guy, because guess what? He knows how to get the best out of people who earn public bucks! RCMP is famous as the Parliament's personal police, as in they do what the govmint tells them to do and to ignore whatever. You've been had by the RCMP media fog.

The Mound of Sound said...

Guess what chum. I know the guy personally. Went to school with him for three years. We were part of the same group that hung together, virtually all the time.

You sound as though you haven't got a clue about management, particularly senior management. Take a hike, clown.

LeDaro said...

Anon, were you paid by Elliott to write this nonsense? Why did the guy need expensive anger management course?

Yes RCMP has problems and needs help but Elliott is not the one who can provide such a help. He needs help himself.