Friday, July 30, 2010

SCC Puts Robert Pickton on Ice

Prostitute serial killer Robert Pickton has gotten the boot from the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Supremes bounced Pickton's appeal seeking a new trial.   While acknowledging some errors in the conduct of the trial, the court ruled the former pig farmer received a proper hearing:

"...this was a long and difficult trial — but it was also a fair one. Despite the errors set out above, there was no miscarriage of justice occasioned by the trial proceedings. Mr. Pickton was entitled to the same measure of justice as any other person in this country. He received it. He is not entitled to more."

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Anyong said...

I am sick of hearing about this man. Thousands of dollars have been spent on a trial that seems to have lasted for years and years keeping law officials employeed at the expense of the tax payer.