Thursday, May 17, 2012

All They Need is a Cup of Fine British Hemlock

Latest Banksy Graffiti
in London

Where do these rightwingers get their Messianic complexes?   Brit Conservative PM David Cameron has a message for his European counterparts, "Follow me."   Cameron says Europe needs to adopt his own "pro-business, pro-growth agenda" by copying his own tough austerity policies that have plunged Britain back into recession, assuring no growth, just the opposite.

Facts don't matter to these types because belief defines their truth, not results.   If they believe something, it has to be true.   That's the same mental infirmity that afflicts our own ruler, Harper.

And, when things don't go their way, when unemployment continues to rise as growth turns into retraction, they have a pat answer - if you're unemployed, leave, just go away.

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Anyong said...

The British PM ought to be fired and made to work off his debt with a manufacturing job at 12 hours a day. seven days a week for five years. Ditto for the Canadian PM as well.