Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hey Vic, Be Sure to Tell Steve. He Thinks You're An Idiot Too.

"I am prepared to consider all legislative and regulatory measures necessary to give effect to the will of Canadians."

That pearl of wisdom and efficacy from the Minister of farcical family values er, public safety, Vic Toews.   The guy whose party three out of five Canadians did not support now choses to give effect to the will of Canadians.   The will of some Canadians?   The will of the minority of Canadians who clamoured for an end to the long gun registry?   The will of Canadians howsoever Vic Toews' tortured mind chooses to perceive it?

Vic Toews has no more interest in giving effect to the will of Canadians than my beagle has in poring over an encyclopedia.   And it doesn't help that he's just so damned creepy.

Toews is vowing to end any and all powers, including local and provincial, to record and register long gun data.  He's way out of his depth on this but he's always been an overenthusiastic little peckerhead.

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