Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Shark Fins, check. Bear Gall Bladders, check. Dead Baby Tissue, check.

Asians have long had a bad reputation for some of their eating habits.   Their love of shark fin soup is contributing to the decline of global shark populations.  Their fondness for bear gall bladder as a supposed virility enhancer has led to a serious poaching problem.   Now the tonic du jour may be dead babies.

"South Korean customs said it had confiscated more than 17,000 health capsules smuggled from China that contain human flesh, most likely extracted from aborted foetuses or stillborn babies.

"The Chinese Ministry of Health said it had been investigating allegations that capsules were being manufactured from human remains but had found no evidence.

"The South Korean customs agency said pills had been smuggled into the country through parcels and luggage carried from China. The pills were composed of ''ground stillborn foetus or babies that had been cut into small pieces and dried in gas ranges for two days, then made into powders and encapsulated'', the report said.

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kootcoot said...

At the risk of sounding racist, actually I'm using irony, we could solve three major problems - overpopulation, food shortages and the assault on shark fins, bear parts et. al. if everyone else just learned to subsist on a diet of Asians! Vegetarians could subsist on the left over rice.

Anyong said...

At the beginning of WWII many Koreans got stuck in China as did Jewish people in and around Shanghi. Most Koreans are located in and around the Qingdao area a part of China that had been occupied by the Germans from 1840 until the end of the WWI. Now, China has been allowing Koreans to return to South Korea and these are the people who are smuggling baby powder into South Korea. These Koreans after many years living in China have become indoctranated into the customes of the Chinese. Yes, the Chinese do this but not all Asians. This is the reason it is unlawful to import such disgusting items into South Korea. Your comment kootcoot is indeed racist.