Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Former Ministers, PC & Lib, Call Harper Out

They're challenging Stephen Harper to come clean.

An open letter from four former fisheries ministers, two Tories, two Libs, demands some explanations from the Prince of Darkness about just why he's gutting west coast fisheries protections.   They specifically challenge Harper to reveal whether he's behind this or if he's catering to "special interests," perhaps with names like Enbridge.

Former Progressive Conservative fisheries ministers Tom Siddon and John Fraser and former Liberal ministers David Anderson and Herb Dhaliwal have written an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper lashing out at the omnibus budget bill that contains Fisheries Act changes they say will inevitably weaken habitat protection provisions.

Despite the significance of the changes and public concern, there has been no explanation from government on the need for the amendments or on the unusual process being used, the letter says.

"Quite frankly, Canadians are entitled to know whether these changes were written, or insisted upon, by the Minister of Fisheries or by interest groups outside the government. If the latter is true, exactly who are they?" the former ministers ask.


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Beijing York said...

I had heard that some former Fisheries Ministers had written a letter but I had no idea it was both Conservative and Liberal ones. Good on them - we need much more of this.