Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let'em Eat Cake

When the going gets tough, the tough tell the weak to "shove off."

Apparently overlooking the fact that Britain is officially in a double-dip recession and wracked with unemployment, the country's conservative foreign secretary said the only way Brits can drag their country out of recession is to "work harder."

In an interview published on Sunday, [William]Hague said Britain's national work ethic had been declining for decades, with people convinced they could "live on expanded debt forever, rather than having to earn what we spend".

Britain sank back in recession last month after the economy shrank again in the first quarter, but the government has stuck by its deep spending cuts despite concerns they undermine growth.
"There's only one growth strategy: work hard," Hague told The Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

He urged people to "get on the plane, go and sell things overseas, go and study overseas".

The foreign secretary must have missed the memo that there's another growth strategy, his government's own, to drive the country into ruin under the crushing weight of austerity measures.

Hague, of course, has a very well-paid job that a majority of Brits would like to put him out of, along with the rest of his government, if only they could have an election.   Perhaps someone could reserve a plane for his caucus to go and sell their wares overseas.

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