Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Income Inequality - Visible From Space

Looking down on Earth from space, it's easy to spot where the rich people live and where the poor don't.

The picture below, published at Grist.com, illustrates the point.

That's low-income, West Oakland, at the top and high-income, Piedmont, beneath it.   The rich folks get more space and an awful lot more green, trees.  Po' folk get to bake while rich folk get lovely shade.

Grist.com also published this graphic from the Center for Disease Control illustrating how fast food hamburgers have grown three times in size since the 50's while, over the same period, soft drinks have gotten up to six times larger.   Ain't life grand?

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Owen Gray said...

The picture reminded me of the first time I visited Washington, D.C, Mound.

I was struck by Grecian temples on one side of the street and slums on the other side.

That stark contrast -- in the nation's capital -- spoke volumes.