Monday, May 07, 2012

Why Tibet Will Never Be Free

This map says it all:

The Tibetan plateau is key to controlling the headwaters of just about every major river in East and South Asia.   China controls Tibet, it controls most of the water that it and its neighbours depend upon.

As written on this blog for years, it was always going to come down to this.  It's all about water, who can take what and the nations that will emerge was "water haves" and "water have-nots."   Right now it's China that holds the whip hand.   And Tibet is the key to China's water security.   End of story.


kootcoot said...

Well, before too long it might be all patriotic Tibetans' duty to piss in and otherwise befoul the water for the benefit of their Chinese masters!

Heck Alberty is already poisoning the water for everyone downstream of the Gooey Tar Pits.......and this is all done to benefit that bastion of freedom, democracy and capitalism....CHINA, Canada's new colonial masters!

By the way, Harper and Flaherty, look what happened to your buddy Sarko, youse guys and Cameron are next!

Anonymous said...
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