Friday, May 18, 2012

Who Will Become White America's Sidekick?

It finally happened.  For the first time, of all the babies born in America, white babies were a minority.

For the year ending July, 2011, white babies tallied just 49.6% with the remaining 50.4% being those of colour whether Hispanic, black, Asian, native American or mixed.   With the increasing popularity of mixed marriage and the influx of non-white immigrants and a somewhat higher, non-white reproductive rate, white America is slowly breeding itself out of existence.   Crackers is gonna be hard to come by 'fore long.

But if the financial bastion of white America, a.k.a. corporate America, is any indication, they won't go down without a fight.   One thing I suspect we'll see, and sooner rather than later, will be an effort by white America to recruit a non-white group to bolster its numbers.   Who is the least worrisome, wealthiest and most attractive group to white America?  Why, I'm thinking that'd be the Asians - Japanese, Chinese, Korean-Americans, the lot.   And did I mention they're really good at math?

It won't be a matter of lowering walls for Asian-Americans.   They're already pretty much down.  The focus, I suspect, will be on raising walls to insulate White/Asian-America from the riff-raff.  I think that white-America wants Asian-America in its camp at least as much out of fear of what the alternative would mean.


Beijing York said...

Ever wonder why the rabid right's fight over women's reproductive rights is headed by angry white men? There is definitely a soupcon of racism in this race to promote the traditional family and baby making. (Note that in Canada, the highest birthrate is among First Nations.)

Linda said...

Imagine that, despite the obstruction and lack provided by this government. I wish we could do more, those young families deserve better.

Anonymous said...
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