Saturday, May 05, 2012

It's Very, Very Good - Only It's Very, Very Not

The folks at DND have grown used to treating our Parliamentarians and the Canadian public like imbecilic dupes.   That much comes through loud and clear in the 160-word letter the department issued to justify the purchase of the exceedingly overdue, grossly overpriced and haplessly underperforming F-35 light bomber.

The letter contends the F-35 meets the "mandatory operational requirements" of the Canadian Forces which, it seems, could be taken to mean limited range, minimal payload, and substandard speed, climb and turn rates.

But the kicker comes in the line claiming the F-35 has "very, very low observable stealth capabilities", a boastful claim that's now being cast in serious doubt.   Some are saying that borders on fantasy.

The DND snake-oil salesmen concluded with what really is on their minds.  "Having the jets would make it easier for Canada to operate alongside defence allies around the globe who were also buying them."   Having the F-35 is Canada's admission ticket into America's aerial Foreign Legion.   That's another way of saying the F-35 has virtually nothing to do with the defence of Canada.  It's an offensive weapon.   It's a penetration strike, light bomber relatively incapable even of defending itself much less Canadian airspace.

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Anyong said...

According to "The House" on CBC raido this morning, we are going to have to purchase 79 of these jets inorder to do their work for Canadians.