Friday, January 12, 2018

Der Spiegel Captures Trump Perfectly

The Spiegel cover says it all:

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News offered this take on Deplorable Donnie:


Toby said...

Most Americans don't understand that this is pretty much how much of the world sees Trump and his supporters. The ugly American has reemerged. We may be again hearing shouts of, "Yankee go home!"

Anonymous said...

Oh look! Another magazine cover to frame for prominent display at Mar-A-Loco!


the salamander said...

.. outstanding .. !

Northern PoV said...

"much of the world "

the Asians with power (with the exception of the Koreans) seem to love Trump ... he had a lovely visit to Asia late last year where they (the powerful) mostly share his disdain for democracy.