Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Assange Follies

Ecuador really wants Julian Assange out of its London embassy. It's been trying to work out some deal for the Brits to just let him go somewhere, perhaps to another country, but British authorities insist Assange must answer to their courts for breaching bail. They're looking to put Julian in HMP Greybar Hotel for a stretch, especially given that he's caused the Brits to rack up a police bill of some 18 million pounds to keep the scofflaw holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy.

The Ecuadoreans want him gone badly enough they granted Assange citizenship last week and then tried to get him accredited diplomatically but, again, the Brits said no deal. That's not the way diplomatic accreditation works.


Toby said...

I'm amazed that he hasn't been smuggled out long before this. I'm also curious that the Ecuadoreans haven't booted Assange out for overstaying his welcome. One would expect some international trading to hasten Assange's departure.

Anonymous said...

Assange is , apparently, paying room and board.

Being locked up! in the embassy has warped his mind ; as it would any other in his situation.

The Brits are being headstrong in not accepting a easy way out of an unusual situation.

A free Assange would soon disappear..


Anonymous said...

Orders are orders TB, even when they come from the orange fart cloud.


Anonymous said...

Trump calls corporate Fake News "fake news" and weasels say he's a fascist dictator. (As if corporations are the "free press" and that criticisms of violations of journalism ethics are a threat to free speech.) But here we have an actual Western government actually persecuting a journalist for exposing government corruption. Yet people are pissy because Assange leaked emails showing how corrupt Hillary Clinton was - in her own words.

Funny how so many political activists know so little about what journalism actually is. Funny how they care more about toxic partisan allegiances than truth and justice.

The Mound of Sound said...

No you stupid hump that's not why the Brits are after Assange. Pull your head out of your ass for a while. It's easier to breathe and you might actually prefer the smell.