Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I Doubt She'll Be Missed

Tory MP Kellie Leitch is hanging up her spurs and, presumably, her whips and chains also.

CBC News reports Leitch will not seek re-election in 2019. A loud wailing and gnashing of teeth was heard across the riding of Simcoe-Grey.

She certainly was great comedy fodder for 22 Minutes:


Anonymous said...

Made. My. Day.


the salamander said...

.. b b but.. I thought she was the Joan of Arc of the very spirit of what constitutes 'being Canadian' eh ? That 'star' candidate Harper flew in from Ft McMurray to replace Helen Guergis.. who was caught not snorting coke off the breast(s) of alleged sex workers ?

Now here in the flatlands & political badlands of frozen Ontario where the likes of Kouvalis & Patrick Brown do roam, the inhabitants of Honorable ms Leitch's electoral riding are trying to despin their spinning heads. How the NDP or Libtards failed to previously bag her riding is a damn good question.. It was not up for grabs.. it was ripe for the plucking. But the stalwart doc miss Leitch, a female version of that reknowned doc Jason Kenney was there to attempt a revival of the late saint Jim Flaherty as he collapsed.. her kiss of life failed.. and off he went to a State Funeral after a career of producing Omnibus Bills that looked after Harper's Big Energy patrons toute suite, year after year for 10 years

Now ms Leitch failed to mention all her assets at one point.. Perhaps as she was parachuting into Ontario was some distraction..& that minor investment or directorship of 'Canada's & Provincial landlord' that was paying her off handsomely & prettily.. but no biggie. And thus she was a millionaire.. but It was an oversight only.. and as the prom queen of the formative & fermenting new Reform a Tory Party of Steve, Ray & Laureen it was an acceptable oversight dontcha know.. especially if one had Jim Flaherty as your mentor and patron saint & Joe Oliver backing you too

I hope the door don't hit her ass too hard as she exits.. mebbe in her poverty, she can rent a room over Joe Oliver's mansion garage, or beg a spare room or heated gazebo from tiny little Tony Clement.. that reknowned Muskokan.. not from Muskoka

Lorne said...

To borrow a line from Duncan in Macbeth, "Great happiness!"

Owen Gray said...

The good doctor has finally brought relief to tens of thousands of Canadians.

Northern PoV said...

Harper languishes in exile, still suffering the stench of the Ford brothers. And Chris Alexander and Kelly ... the pair that tried to save their boss with the barbaric practices scam fade into well deserved obscurity. The CONs overplayed this crap and didn't realize that Canadians prefer to think that they are a notch or two above these trumpian tendencies.

Now, aside from better Senate and court appointments, much of the Harper agenda proceeds using better optics. With CETA the TPP in the bag watch for a cave on NAFTA.