Wednesday, June 17, 2020

But What About the Free Celine Dion Tickets?

Canada won't be sitting on the UN Security Council. Norway, yes. Ireland, yes. Canada, oh Canada, no.

Maybe it's because of our disgraceful voting record on issues Palestinian and Israeli. Maybe it's because in a world about to catch fire we're still pimping low value, high carbon fossil fuels. Maybe it's because we're not the Canada we were pre-Harper.

Trudeau had said we pitched the Canadian values of peace, freedom, democracy and human rights. Let me get this right - we're better than Ireland and Norway, eh?

No, the votes weren't there for Canada. We didn't even come close.
Pro-Palestinian and other groups point to Canada's Middle East policies as a factor in the failure to secure a seat. Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) issued a statement saying the defeat "proves that Canada's failure to demonstrate leadership on human rights and international cooperation has isolated it from world opinion." 
"In recent months, Trudeau has also been relatively quiet on the threats of Israeli annexation, especially when compared to the vocal and long-standing condemnations from competitors Norway and Ireland," the group said.
It also didn't help that both Ireland and Norway have outdone Canada on peacekeeping and development aid.


Trailblazer said...

My my; how is the National Post going to see this?
They will be caught between their dislike of Liberals and the Likud lobby.


Anonymous said...

there's also the four years of waffling and refusing to call Lord Dampnuts to task . . .

The Disaffected Lib said...

I can't imagine how we even garnered the votes we received.

Northern PoV said...

Look on the bright side.

The Freeland/Trudeau foreign policy is exposed as bankrupt Harper relics.

When (if?) international travel resumes, perhaps Canadians will join the rest of the world travelers and stop wearing their flag while abroad ...

lungta said...

could be the horrible native record too

Anonymous said...

Our Latin America neocon/neoliberal policy in removing duly-elected socialist leaders recently hasn't helped either. Why bother believing election results when business complains? Just declare them invalid and rigged. So far Maduro hasn't gone, but the coup replacement for Morales in Bolivia was a racist woman who told the indigenous peoples to go back to the jungle, practise their heathen religion there and let the good white Spanish descendants of the country run things. Thanks, Chrystia for leading the Lima Group against those socialists! Now a woman with 2.5% of the Bolivian vote gets to run Bolivia on the very best neoliberal racist terms. Canada rules!

If we don't get to read the truth in our own media, and cannot be bothered to read foreign news, bewilderment beyond our US-led Middle East policy can reign. A majority of other governments don't believe our holier-than-thou whitewash in support of our overseas investments and against indigenous peoples who'd like a share of their own mineral wealth. It was obvious that just as with harper's bafflegab on human rights that lost us our previous bid for a UNSC seat a decade ago that we had no chance in hell.

Ireland knows what it's like to have a knee on its neck after centuries of Brits plundering the place, and not enjoying Boris the Bozo's rehashing of old racist stereotypes, so best of luck to the Irish. They have no dog in the race of running things the same old way.


the salamander said...

.. Canada got the sympathy vote .. AMEN ..