Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Yes, Prince Andrew Should Co-operate. There's One Problem, Maybe Two.

For the past two mornings the BBC world news summary has reported on efforts by US authorities to persuade prince Andrew to answer questions about just what he did when he was entertained at  Jeffrey Epstein's getaways.

Andrew has been named by at least one of Epstein's girls who claims she had sex with the prince while she was underage. That's statutory rape. It's a serious accusation. There are photos of Andrew partying at Epstein's place. He's got some 'splainin to do.

But, here's the problem. Andrew isn't the only alleged child abuser. Other alleged kiddie diddlers include Alan Dershowitz and, yes, Donald J. Trump, the president of the United States of America.

Dershowitz sort of admits there might have been a bit of fondling, a massage or two, but he insists he kept his "tighty-whities" on. No, stop yourself. Do not let that image embed in your brain.

But what about Trump. Here we have an admitted serial sex abuser who just grabbed women by the p_ssy.  Lots of them. One or two have said he's telling the truth. Trump volunteered his favourite sport was to bed married women and he named one he said he "chased like a bitch." Then there is the Playboy model he bedded in Trump Towers while Melania was recovering from giving birth and the porn star he jumped without so much as a condom around the same time and the evidence of how both women's silence was bought by Trump's fixer, Michael Cohen, who says there were plenty of others he paid off.

Andrew has a reputation. They've been calling him "Randy Andy" for ages. But, if you're looking for a satyr, a real ogre, that would be Don Trump.

Now if you were Andrew's counsel that dynamic might be a cause for concern. The very character of the current Attorney General, Bill Barr, who seems willing to lay smoke screens for Trump is another. Have we not seen justice in America pretty thoroughly corrupted by Trump? Then there was Epstein's mysterious 'suicide' in a New York jail cell, a death that leading pathologist, Michael Baden, claims was no suicide. He says the neck injuries were not consistent with self-asphyxiation. Too much damage.

Tally all that up. Then factor in an upcoming election in five months and a president whose support is flagging. A president who most definitely doesn't want his role in Epstein's pleasure palaces to become a campaign issue. A president backed up by a grizzled, former law professor who admits he's a bit of a dirty old man while claiming he stayed well short of what could be considered rape. And an Attorney General who, instead of working for the American people as his job requires, has turned out to be a water boy for a debauched president.

Wouldn't you see a set-up here? I would.


John B. said...

Do we accept that people with the power to can do anything they want? It's obvious that some of them do. The Stone Killer needs to ask for forgiveness. They're too special to be bothered. Common decency is too ordinary and it's all pretense anyway.

The Disaffected Lib said...

It seems those who traveled in Epstein's circles thought themselves well above ordinary conventions of decency, John.

Northern PoV said...

Boris should trade Prince rAndy for the CIA spy that committed vehicular manslaughter.