Friday, June 26, 2020

Lest We Forget

The coronavirus pandemic can sometimes take all the oxygen out of the room. Here's a reminder of what else is going on - video of Trump's kiddie concentration camps.


the salamander said...

.. those children .. if they must be seperated from their hapless parents & put in cages.. should be on the Rose Lawn and the Portico.. in full view of the entire world. And if not there.. why are they not running about empty farmland, playing with kites.. or fishing by streams ? Playing ?

Why are they being 'treated' as criminals ? In some sort of quasi holocaust setting ? If America.. 'land of the free, home of the brave' is this despicable, they should collectively hang their head in shame. I am sickened by this." yet I somehow 'compartmentalize' this off in a place in my brain where little 'thinking' will happen .. self lobotomy ?

This must end.. screw the American cowards and scumbags.. In Canada we are doing political backflips about 'the two Michaels' but this atrocity continues ? I need to give myself a vicious headslap.. these are CHILDREN !!!!! How can we let this go on ?!?!?! Yes.. I said 'WE' ! We could rescue these children, keep track of them, and their parents.. or at the very least, the parents some day could find them, know they are safe in Canada. The 'priorities' are completely screwed.. the wrong people are being caged

The Disaffected Lib said...

Sal, I had to do some soul-searching when I stumbled across this video on the Evening Standard web site. I had allowed myself to forget about this. I had turned away. I assume I'm no different than most people on that score.

I'm beginning to wonder if Canadians and our government are to the United States today what Switzerland was to Germany in WWII.

the salamander said...

.. I commented somewhere.. way back.. in the context of 'refugees'.. as well a re immigrants to Canada. I have never commented in context to 'sponsoring' abandoned dogs or cats from Turks & Caicos or from Texas. My son & his wife sponsored a lab cross from Texas for adoption & were unable to 'complete the process'.. instead fully adopting it themselves. The Boss here has done so several times & found wonderful homes for the rascals.

My point now is what it was then.. we have wonderful communities with wonderful people all across North America. We can do this. My sister & husband sponsored the entire family of Vietnamese 'Boat People'.. a fisherman and his family.. way way back. I am mucho against stacking up immigrants in Scarborough, so they can deep fry downtown or clean offices at night. I am very pro re understanding an immigrant's dreams, needs & wishes.. just as I am in regard to a 5th generation kid from Scarborough.

The USA and Canada better wake up and get real.. immigrants and refugees are going to arrive in greater and great numbers.. and they deserve better than FAILURE.. Incompetance, Misery & Insult. We should be proactive in advance.. build pathways to opportunity. We have the power and capability to track immigrants and refugess and make tracking easily accessible for family or friends still in other lands. This is not brain surgery ! We know how to track parcel delivery.. we know how to allow children to play, to explore nature, to grow

The children in mass cages is simply.. (well fill in your own blank).. in my view such behaviour or 'solutions' along with failure to identify and/or track parents/children is ATROCITY.. and we become complicit due to numbness. Stamping my foot and finger pointing or twitter raging is Stage One of my failure. I compounded the failure to Stage Two when I managed to put it away somewhere in my laggard brain

The Stage Three for me must be to see a pathway for myself to stimulate others to shake off Stage One and Two .. tet to Stage Three as well, in their own unique way. I am pretty sure my cousins in BC that are essentially 'off the grid' near Nelson would emulate my sister.. take in a refugee child from the Texas Cages & assist in reconnecting to their family & relatives. I intend to look into this. I have also written in the past how Mar a Lago would make a great staging 'outpoint' for dispersing refugee families into distant communities, small towns, neighborhoods.. Food for thought

Canada should be exporting LEADERSHIP .. not military hardware to 'manage' civilians in foreign lands.. or assist in killing

It may take some doing to educate our 'politicians' and Public Servants.. what our collective wishes are.. hmm

The Disaffected Lib said...

Well, Sal, you pushed one of my "hot buttons" on that dog importing nonsense. Ask any volunteer at your local SPCA what they think of people who do that. Anyone who has driven through Mexico knows that every town has a population of stray dogs (stray, not feral) that roam the streets. I was struck by how healthy and obviously well-fed they were. Sadly, they seem to meet their end in rush hour traffic. Yet someone has the idea of rounding up these animals and passing them off as "rescue" dogs. I'm not buying it.

the salamander said...

.. True enuff Mound.. My rambling comment rife with typos was meant more to illustrate that if we can sponsor dogs.. why is sponsoring children in cages so impossible. I worry not re folks 'hot buttons'.. we all have em.. even tough guys

As a young farm lad I heard the baying of 'deer hounds' in the local woodlots, saw the station wagons with cages parked on the sideroads. Some folk.. so called 'hunters' from Oakville or wherever - thought our woodlots looked promising.. but some left dogs behind.. beagles, other hounds.. I always heard them baying & found them of course.. and some appeared at our farmhouse door or up at the barn. We watered and fed them & if they stayed - well.. we figured something out.. ie the 'owner' never showed up looking for them. Pretty sad.

My son's dog was a Texas flood dog.. nobody knows any detailed provenance re those.. but damn, that one found a fine fine home with 2 other dogs

The Boss sponsored several Yorkshire Terrier type doggies.. never a rush, found fine homes, she hated to see em go.. and stayed in touch re how it all unfolded

The Turks dogs are called 'potcakes' .. We visited a sponsor shelter that sets up adoption.. the dogs (puppies or very young) are delivered to the airport per your departure flight.. all papers, innoculations in order, per your final destination. You can also take them out for 4 hours or so. The 'potcakes' are feral.. wild.. an evolution of all breeds - left behinds - whatever.. Its a 'cultural' problem on those islands.. the dogs tend to 'pack' .. I dunno why the locals don't get real and pull their heads out of their asses. Packs of those dogs have killed tourists (we are highly informed on this matter) The ferals are of course unspayed.. and may be a mixed breed including Doberman, mastiff, Rottweiler.. whatever mix works best to survive. It aint pretty. Its not a big prob on Providentiales.. but the attacks & deaths on North Caicos have been noteworthy.

I get what you're saying re abandoned or lost dogs.. I did lose Sweet Jane via divorce.. a lovely Bouvier.. My son learned to walk by grabbing The Mighty Quinn by any available fur .. (Quinn was the beast, stud of The Beaches.. a wondrous male Bouvier) That was almost 30 years ago.. and I have never been able to summon the courage since.. to be owned by a dog that could steal my soul. In the meanwhile, I try to tolerate the Yorkshire Terrors the Boss appears to love.. I do recall discussing the potbellies & attacks & solutions enroute home on the jet from Turks.. and upon picking up her precious Decker from the breeder where we stashed him for a week plus haircut.. she stunned my by saying she had arranged a friend for him. It was named King Clancy.. omigod.. oh no.. thus the Boss had gooned me ! I do treat the little fluckers decently.. (I am a Bouvier guy) so having two f'n ankle biters rankles at times or always.. and my son and I often meet down by 'the box' with their dawgs in The Beach(es) and shoot some buckets.. The box is the outdoor rink - lacrosse facility with an adjoining basketball court that was once for shuffleboard - believe it or not ! Their three dawgs immediatly snuffle my pockets, squeal & squirm for treats.. they are way too smart

Anonymous said...

4:58. You are not far from the mark Mound. There are so many Nazi comments in this neck of the woods it makes a persons toes curl. That is not an exaggeration either.Anyong

The Disaffected Lib said...

Anyong, America is tearing itself apart - left and right - and there are indeed in our country those who find this fashionable. They seem to consider cruel boasting a badge of honour.