Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Europe Rises Against Racism in the United States

Twitter is full of video clips of protesters massing in cities across Europe to march against racism and the death of George Floyd.

In Paris there were clashes with police. The crowd was estimated in the hundreds of thousands. In Oslo, Norwegian police knelt alongside protesters who had massed outside the American embassy. Dublin saw what was described as one of the biggest protests in Irish history. Thousands of protesters blockaded the US embassy in Berlin. Antifa demonstrators are surrounding US military installations in Italy. In Istanbul, Turkish police attacked Antifa protesters.

An astonishingly huge crowd took to the streets in Aukland, New Zealand.

Protesters in Ghana are calling for an international boycott of all American products.

BBC correspondent Sangita Mayska posted video of a group of young people, mainly white kids, who joined with a young black man and took a knee while a line of riot police glared at them. Guess what the cops did? They arrested the black guy and dragged him away.

Hospital workers in their PPE gear lined the sidewalk in New York to applaud protesters as they marched past.

I don't think America's reputation abroad has ever been this tattered. Trump has attacked and alienated America's closest allies. Now he's enraged the people of those same countries.


Trailblazer said...

Protesters in Ghana are calling for an international boycott of all American products.

That will be devastating to the US economy!!

That said the world has gone to shit over a loser that was caught with a phoney $20 US bill.

He did not deserve to die particularly by the hands of a policeman that had no respect for human dignity.

The problem has to be much deeply rooted.
Perhaps the problem is that the USA like it's former adversary, the USSR, is too big and diverse to be as one!
Both the USA and the USSR came about by conquest not negotiation.
Neither the US or the USSR had a truth and reconciliation meeting with those they conquered.
Both are basket cases.


The Disaffected Lib said...

They want a global boycott, TB. Other than weaponry and low-end computers, plus loads of software, I'm not sure that America has much production that the world wants or needs. Besides, the Chinese are moving into the global consumer goods markets.

This is, as you note, a deeply rooted problem made worse by fear of demographic change triggering a loss of the white majority. That's a new front for the culture war, racism weaponized. If the red, the black, the brown and the yellow folks gain the whip hand the white folks fear it may be payback time for them.