Friday, June 19, 2020

No, I Can Be Disappointed. You're the Prime Minister. The Bar Is Much Higher for You.

Justin Trudeau is fearful of China. He doesn't want to say anything, much less do anything, that might draw their ire.

We have two Canadians who have been held hostage in Chinese jails for two years. Today China has officially charged those captives with espionage - hey they couldn't leave them in their dungeon forever without some pretence.

So, what's our prime minister's reaction? He's "disappointed." We've been disappointed for two gawddamn years. How's that worked out? Beijing knows that China can work us over with blatant coercive measures such as blocking Canadian agricultural exports and we'll mutter how we're disappointed.

China is not our trading "partner." Partners don't abuse each other as China abuses Canada. A partner doesn't give the other partner one upside the head.

At some point Trudeau has to man up.  Whether it's our petro-economy, breakdown, kowtowing to thugs such as Netanyahu, Mohammed bin Salman, or Trump, he's so lame. It's no wonder the General Assembly considered Canada unfit for a seat on the Security Council. They wanted someone with a discernable spine.

The prime minister has presented Canada as a pushover and when you're a pushover you're going to get pushed around.


Anonymous said...

Western hypocrisy is what makes your justifiable screed impotent. When you think of the two Michaels, think Guantanamo Bay. When you think about the Uighurs, think Guantanamo Bay. And was it five gentleman, if I recall, that Canada sent to Assad to be tortured.

rumleyfips said...

Meng was illegally arrested by Canadians at the direction of US Trumpaloonies. Defying US sanctions is not a crime anywhere in the civilized world except America. She was railroaded by Trump and a compliant Canadian Border thuggery.

Let's face it Mound , the two Michaels are just as guilty of spying as Meng is of fraud.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Isn't it like what they say about going to prison? If you have to fight, you fight. If you don't somebody is going to be renting you out.

Justin's father was a fighter. He fought Duplessis. With Jean Marchand he fought on the picket lines. In office he stood up to the White House and drove them to despair. He fought for a better Canada.

Justin doesn't have Pierre's intellect, courage or determination. He goes along to get along and gets us nowhere.

Anonymous said...

do we know what’s in Harper’s super secret trade agreement with China?

The Disaffected Lib said...

not that I'm aware of, Anon.

Trailblazer said...

do we know what’s in Harper’s super secret trade agreement with China?

Justin Trudeau?


Northern PoV said...

While we are defunding the police, lets abolish CSIS.
A polite, well-timed word of warning to Meng would've kept Canada out of the Xi/Trump pissing match.