Monday, August 17, 2009

Afghanistan - The Story of Failure in Four Parts

Afghanistan is falling apart - again. The West's eight-year fiasco in that failed state culminates this week in national elections that threaten to nullify everything we've tried to do there since 2001 and may leave the country shattered along ethnic and tribal lines.

What we're watching unfold today is the product of a succession of political and military blunders dating back to the Reagan administration that may finally have reached critical mass. Al Jazeera has produced a four-part documentary entitled Afghanistan: How The The East was Lost. You can watch them below.


Anonymous said...

No one, but no is going to change the situation in Afghanistan. People from the west cannot continue to think that we have all the answers. The country is emersed in their religious beliefs and it is everything in their lives. We think we can convert them to our way of life and for what reason?, a group of people who become Christian?......nope!! We are wasting our time. money and worse, our troops. We can talk about what needs to happen all we just "ain't" going to take place...I'm sick about hearing what ails Afghanistan. Let's take care of what needs to be done at home. For example...letting the Canadian public know just how many old, ugly Canadian men are going to Thailand to engage in sexual exploites with young 13 year old girls and boys in that country. By taking care of of what needs to be done at home, we sent an example.

Anonymous said...

we set an example.