Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jon Stewart's Favourite Douchebag, Robert Novak, Dead

Uber rightwing columnist with a voracious appetite for sleaze, Robert Novak, is dead of brain cancer. While it's never nice to speak ill of the departed, I'd rank Novak's dirt nap on the trauma scale as somewhere around the death of Karl Rove but well short of the demise of Dick Cheney, two men he literally worshiped.


foottothefire said...

that Novak was never indicted for knowingly outing a secret service agent remains one of the darkest marks on the Rule of Law in America.
Thus armed and from that point, Republicans went downhill it the sleaze and dirtbag department.

Zorpheous said...

The man was a liar and anal douche nozzle that would be found up Cheney's butt-hole.

Fuck him

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