Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ignatieff = Dion? Oh Great!

It must be true, it's right there in The Globe & Mail. In terms of numbers, Iggy has steered the Libs right where Stephane Dion brought them - two leagues dead astern the Tories.

Now I'm not one to doubt the wisdom of The Globe but let's look at it this way. Trailing by two points when you're trying to become the top conservative party in Canada isn't all that bad.

"...the Strategic Counsel poll found they have lost the traditional edge among women, younger voters, and Canadians who live in cities and large towns, crucial to their hopes of victory. The NDP vote has remained firm.

“The Liberals have plateaued,” said The Strategic Counsel's Peter Donolo.
“The constituency that Ignatieff needs to rebuild is primarily more female, more urban, younger, centre and NDP voters.”

But those who don't back Liberals by reflex just haven't seen a reason to yet.

Some of Mr. Ignatieff's own advisers admit he has yet to offer a clear, defined political identity to grab them.

Maybe it's time for Iggy's team, the Liberal Party and a lot of those who hang around these blogs swooning over "Michael" to realize that if you want to have a winning Liberal Party, you start by being liberal. We already have a conservative party and Canadians haven't got the stomach for two.



Anonymous said...

you start by being liberal
Except that is lost on all Iggy fluffers...

There is very little difference between Iggy and Harper... and the Liberal strategy was to move the party to the right...

The usual Liberal blogger coterie seem to be drinking more kool-aid than usual this summer and don't seem to realise that they are being played.

crf said...

Well, I don't think Iggy has moved to the right. If it appears to have done so, it's because he has not done one iota of moving in any direction, and the Libs have maintained their near half-decade long policy of silent acquiescence. What's he want to do as PM? Nobody knows!

"Elect me. I'm a talented somnambulent."

The most positive thing about Ignatieff that I can think of is that maybe he hasn't tried yet. He's just waiting.

The Mound of Sound said...

crf, you honest don't think Iggy is far right as Liberals go? Really? Gaza, Tar Sands, propping up Harper's Pinata budget. Why don't you tell me what he's actually done that looks faintly liberal?

Maybe he is just waiting but so are the Canadian voters and they're not liking what they're seeing. From Kabul to Bay Street to Parliament Hill, Harper has made a complete botch of it and yet Iggy hasn't been able to take him down. That speaks volumes.

Dion never got the opportunities that have fallen into Iggy's lap but Mr. Ignatieff has made absolutely nothing of them.

crf said...

You are quite correct to judge him by his meagre actions (how else could it be done?). But I don't think his meagre activities are as yet sufficient for any placement on any measure (let alone left/right) of Liberal party leaders.

Save him and Dion, all Liberal leaders have had to actually govern. To make policy. Dion did at least have one big policy, his detailed carbon tax plan. But a carbon tax cannot reasonably be considered left or right wingish. Today the liberals are vague about details in this, and all areas of importance.

Ignatieff is so far just a shruggie. I have no idea about him.