Sunday, August 02, 2009

Yet Another American Strategy to Win in Afghanistan

After eight years of essentially screwing the pooch, America's military leadership wants to add another new strategy to the mountain of earlier strategies to win the war in Afghanistan.

The new strategy calls for more troops, lots more, and new roles with a focus on unconventional warfare and - wait for it - using the military to crack down on corrupt officials at the local level.

Now when you come up with a "new" strategy like this what you're saying is that the last strategy (aka "the surge") and all the previous strategies were duds. Surprise, surprise, didn't work. All those armchair generals and home schooled history buffs were right after all and all those gold braid generals with all those shiny medals and colourful ribbons were wrong, again and again and again.

Word has it that the White House is awaiting General Stan McChrystal's new strategy proposal with as much enthusiasm as they would have for contracting leprosy.

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