Friday, September 11, 2009

World's Oldest Person Dies - Again!

I'm not sure that "World's Oldest Person" is a title anyone should really envy because, gosh darn it, the honour changes hands so often. This time it was Gertrude Baines of Los Angeles who checked out at a ripe 115.

Gertie actually held on to the title pretty well. She's had it since January when another 115-year old woman, Maria de Jesus of Portugal vacated the office.

Today's oldest person in the world is the sprightly, 114 year old Kama Chinen of Japan. The all time record remains with the late Jeanne Calment of France who logged 122 and a half years before she joined the Choir Invisible back in 1997.

I read an article a day or two back that claimed scientists are convinced that the first human who will live to 150-years of age is already among us. That's what we need - another mouth to feed for a century and a half!


Balbulican said...

They simply have to start recruiting younger world's oldest persons. They'd last a lot longer.

sassy said...

Well I know of someone who claims to be 253. ;) and they are still active and involved.

LMA said...

I guess old curmudgeons never die, they just keep ranting away.