Monday, March 03, 2014

More Defections to Crimea

A gaggle of Ukrainian military leaders based in the Crimea have defected.

The oath of allegiance to the people of Crimea has been taken by Pyotr Zima, head of the Securiy Service of Crimea, Sergei Abisov, chief of the Crimea Directorate for Internal Affairs, Sergei Shakhov, chief of the Emergencies Directorate of Crimea, Viktor Melnichenko, actinh Chief of the Border Service of Crimea, and Rear-Admiral Denis Berezovsky, who had been earlier appointed Commander of the ARC Navy.

Aksyonov said the day 'will go down in the history of the ARC as a day of the formation of all its security organizations'. 'We shall prove that people of Crimea are capable of defending themselves independently and also of ensuring security and freedom for our citizens,' he said.

Aksynov also said that the chiefs of a number of other units and state services are also ready to take an oath of allegiance to the people of Crimea in the coming days.

'As of now, 90 percent of all secuirty organizations are subordinated to the Supreme Council of Crimea,' the Chairman of the ARC Council of Ministers pointed out.

There are reports, Russian naturally, that most Ukrainian military units in the Crimean area are likewise defecting.


Troy Thomas said...

Bravo, USA. Five billion dollars well spent.
They've split a country in half along its ethnic boundaries, and guaranteed depression level quality of life for its western half for many years to come.
This is probably not what the USA wanted or needed.

astone said...

Sorry to interupt your grieving over the passing of Seymour. But happpenings in the Ukraine seem to have overshadowed the death of ( i had no idea that this particular dickhead was so beloved) an actor.

The Mound of Sound said...

If the American goal was to isolate Russia from Sevastopol it seems to have backfired. A divided Ukraine probably sits well enough with Moscow as they can turn up the crank by hiking gas prices any time the Ukranians get rowdy.

Feeling a tad chippy tonight, Astone? Try to get a good night's rest.

LeDaro said...

Mound, there is nothing U.S can do now except to start war which I don't think U.S has the stamina.
Crimea is gone.

Gas is the biggest weapon that Russia has against Ukraine. Russia can cripple Ukraine economy by cutting off the gas supply. Looks in this round Putin has won.

Baird is jumping up and down and comparing Putin to Hitler. But what can Canada do to reverse the situation? Maybe Baird and Harper know something that rest of the world does not.