Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Beauty Queen Speaks Out

Donald Trump knows how he likes his beauty queens - naked and mute. After his bizarre attacks on a former Miss Universe, another contestant, a former Miss Arizona, Tasha Dixon, has given an interview in which she describes Trump casually walking into a room full of pretty girls who were either naked or half naked.

The upper house of New South Wales is right. Donald Trump is, indeed, a "revolting slug."


Anonymous said...

As you know, the NY Times ran an article today quoting women who said they'd been pawed and tongued by Trump. Well, the Gropenfuehrer had his shyster demand a retraction. After the Times' lawyers finished rolling on the floor laughing, one of them penned this little beaut.

Note that the letter doesn't come from the Times' GC, an added slap in the face.


Anonymous said...

A Beauty Queen Speaks Out.

Sorry I thought it was to be a photo of Hillary!
Time to move on..